Technical support

In our company, we consider the technical support of our clients, as the most important and powerful task. We try to offer high quality services consistently and rapidly because we consider every client important and his relationship with us as well.

Gamaris GTH offers support before and after sales for all our products. Our Technicians will deal with the configuration of your order which will best suit your needs, give you advice, exact calculations, as well as after sale services.

We have extensive experience in both residential and professional elevators. We can correspond to all your demands, whereas solutions can be given for any particular problem!

Our experienced consultants are willing to help you analyze the problems of any task and cope with innovating solutions. Our specialized technicians work with the highest regulation standards and are capable of assisting you in fundamental issues.

Gamaris GTH has an excellent organized department with skilled technicians to provide full technical support. It grants rapid and responsible after sales service, a large stock of spare parts and technical guidance.


The after sales’ effectiveness is based on:

  • The importance that the company itself gives to strengthen the department investing constantly in technicians, training and gear.
  • The use of exclusively skilled staff
  • The continuous training on the subject through workmanship
  • The open communication channels with salesmen, our customers and the constructors for exchange of information on technical issues

Besides telephone communication, you can also address us at and write your request.

In order to be able to explore / reply quickly and efficiently at your request you must absolutely write in every communication with the support department the following:

  • Full name.
  • Communication numbers
  • Work address
  • Analytical description of the problem as well as more clues possible that will help us understand what you write. The more you help us understand your problem, the faster we will be able to assist you.

We are always at your disposal for the best and full service that we can offer you.