Quality Management

Gamaris GTH having as a goal reaching the top and you as well, doesn’t disregard humanity and respect for human, either if it is about our customers, our colleagues, and even ourselves.

So in combination with responsibility and consistency which form an integral part of our company’s policy, we are in the position to offer you products which are accompanied with excellent support and services.

We are committed to design, produce and offer to our customers, products and services of high quality. In this way the Quality Assurance System, that we apply, fulfils all the safety and quality standards, as the European and Greek legislation require.

The company does not only rely at the precision equipment for the control of its products, but also at the keen eyes of its engineers. This can be translated in thorough tests in every phase of the production and constant improvement of tools and methods.

In brief: all procedures at the company are certified from the EQA and fulfill DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. At Gamaris GTH, tested quality is always a synonym of high quality. In this manner the company ensures that all the products that its factories construct satisfy even the highest demands.

The results of their controls are evaluated and if corrective actions are necessary, then they are instantly done.