Corporate Facilities

Gamaris GTH is headquartered in Peristeri, Attica, position that allows the easy access to all our customers and especially to you that want to visit our exhibition.

The building at Peristeri includes 150 m² offices, 200 m² exhibition and 350 m² in which a small production is accommodated for small repairs so that our customers’ faster service is accomplished.

The basic production units are accommodated in 2 independent buildings at Aspropyrgos, Attica, of total surface 2320 m². The elevators’ cabins and doors are constructed there, and the distribution center and central storage facilities are held there as well.

The productive procedure of Gamaris GTH is conducted with full and modern units, consisted of digitally guided machine tools (CNC – PUNCHING MACHINES) as well other modern sheet metal processing machinery where all the intermediate products are produced for the construction of simple and panoramic cabins and loads, and semiautomatic doors as well.

The function and operation of this machinery from well-trained staff ensures the production of high accuracy products in short times, improving at the same time the price and quality in favor of the client. The assembling, packaging and loading is done in a specially shaped area, individual for each product, thus contributing to the smooth operation of production lines.