The history of the Company

Gamaris GTH L.T.D. is the evolution of a course started in 1998, when Christos Gamaris, having a ten-year experience at the construction of elevator components created his own laboratory at Peristeri.

A few years later, in 2004 he created a new production unit at Aspropyrgos equipped with high technology machinery, thus making a great leap for the company’s growth.

The rapid evolution due to the increased demand and preference of our products, has led us very soon into exports to Balkans, Cyprus and Asia.

Recently, we started another production unit at Aspropyrgos in which we construct semiautomatic storey doors, enlargening like that our products’ range.

Gamaris GTH pledges that it will be near you and keep ensuring for you the guaranteed quality of its products, the modern design, as well as the consistency and constant technical support.