Quality guarantee

The quality of the products that we produce is for us an integral part of our daily routine in all stages of our productive procedure.

Starting from the first phase of the productive procedure, that is the choice of the appropriate raw materials, which is done by the strictest criteria, as we import raw materials from the biggest and most reliable European suppliers, with main criterion not only the price, that consequently interest you as well since it affects the final price of our product, but mostly for the final looks and duration of the final products.

By applying the latest technology at the production, Gamaris GTH guarantees that all its products satisfy the high standards of its engineers relatively to the precision, function and material, in each and every one of the numerous quality controls. All procedures are supervised by the Quality Management System of the company.

The company undertakes the replacement of every fitment that has developed a flaw, since it is due to the construction and the damage has not been caused from bad carriage, storage, installation, misuse or negligence. The guarantee is valid since during the installation and use of the company’s products the installation and use instructions of the company have been followed.