Gamaris GTH is active at the sector of elevators’ cabins construction, both in residential and professional areas.

Also, it recently started a new productive process, the construction of semiautomatic storey doors.

The goal of our company Gamaris GTH from its launch up to today, was to be able to offer products to the market with which it would be given the ability to ensure the customer’s safety but in the same time to be able to cover every aesthetic requirement that the customer has.


Gamaris GTH driven by market demands as well as its anthropocentric interest, is based on high aesthetic creations and constant quality. The products and services that we offer fulfill all the quality standards and safety precautions, are certified from the EQA and fulfill DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. We use strictly chosen materials and productive procedures of European standards, which are often tested and if corrective actions are necessary, then they are instantly done.


Gamaris GTH company with its long operation at the sector of elevators can offer to the market products that ensure the customer’s safety and in the same time reliability.

Having stable values the working staff, consistency and the know-how we move on having as a goal the protection of our values and their adjustment to the new data, combining thus constant search for better quality, reliability and service.


Gamaris GTH gives you the ability to materialize your wishes. We are confident that we will earn your trust and we will be forever your first choice. The excellent quality of the materials and the constant investments in building, mechanical and technological equipment create the infrastructure for rapid growth and development.

Some of our company’s advantages include delivery speed of our products as well as their installation, something that is owed to the possession of private vehicles.


By applying the latest technology at the production, Gamaris GTH guarantees that all its products satisfy the high standards of its engineers relatively to the precision, function and material, in each and every one of the numerous quality controls.

All procedures are supervised by the Quality Management System of the company.

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